Verbatim was commissioned to conduct phone-based interviews with small hotel operators who rely on Online Travel Agents to book most of their rooms. Unable to find any industry reports pertaining to this market, or even any relevant industry news, the client needed a bottom-up, in-depth report on this key market. Verbatim sized the market and the share among the major industry players. Respondents included hotel management who provided further insights on price elasticity, operation and switching costs, commission negotiations, and satisfaction with different OTAs. Surveys were conducted in 6 languages across 5 core holiday markets. Verbatim’s experience designing surveys and identifying respondents in niche markets was essential to collect the data our client desired. Ultimately, Verbatim provided a variety of quantitative and qualitative data points that informed and validated our client’s investment strategy.

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Data sourced from Verbatim custom reports in 2015