Why Verbatim

For Investment Managers

Traditional research tools such as government statistics, industry publications and other syndicated data are widely distributed and are therefore unlikely to give you a jump on the street. CEO/CFO interviews and expert panels typically shed light on the business drivers at a company or within an industry, but don’t yield the kind of real-time performance data that predicts stock price movement.

In contrast, Verbatim conducts multiple interviews to gain the information you need. These interviews answer specific questions that will drive an investment decision. Moving beyond general company knowledge, our clients need to know how a specific event or trend is being perceived in real-time.

Some clients are interested in staying abreast of pricing, market share, or distribution channel trends for an industry or set of companies. Verbatim conducts ongoing monthly and quarterly analyses of industry trends for client Analysts and Money Managers. Further trend validation comes through interviews of competitors and customers, thereby uncovering unexpected changes in market dynamics in time to buy or sell.

In today’s economy, Investment Managers have limited time and resources to cover all companies within their remit. Verbatim acts as a natural extension of your own team, by:

  • Allowing you to either dig deeper into a specific issue or broaden your coverage of given sectors:
    • Research additional companies
    • Secure an international perspective, Verbatim has 20 languages on staff
    • Focus your internal team on fundamentals
  • Research outputs contain both qualitative and quantitative data points, allowing you to plug our raw data into your models.
  • Depending on requirements, projects can be executed in as little as 2 days.
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