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Directors of Research

Verbatim’s systematic approach to Channel Investigations allows your Analysts and Portfolio Managers to test hypotheses, identify investment opportunities, and monitor core holdings. Our proven client engagement model allows for a seamless transition from investment idea to report delivery.

Ease of Engagement:

  • Survey instruments can be submitted by the client or developed by Verbatim’s research department based on the client’s preference and objectives.
  • Our operations team will recommend the optimal respondent mix and sample size.
  • Worldwide projects are centrally managed to provide a single point of contact for your investment managers.
  • Project timelines range from three days to three weeks depending on the scope and target market.

Flexible Approach:

  • Verbatim’s methodology empowers our interview teams to fine-tune their line of questioning, based on learnings mid-project, and turn an interesting comment into actionable information at project completion.
  • Projects can be either opportunity-driven or retainer-based.
  • Either hard or soft dollars can be used to pay for our services.

Quality Assurance:

  • Verbatim maintains a staff of managers who aggregate, analyze and summarize the collected data.
  • Interim Reports are provided for a benchmark review to deliver an early read on market dynamics and to ensure that the client’s objectives are being met.

Compliance Policies:

  • Respondents are not compensated for their participation.
  • Our Managers are trained to ensure reports adhere to insider trading rules.
  • Verbatim works directly with the client’s compliance department to ensure that any additional criteria unique to your firm are incorporated into the review process.
  • Click here for a summary of our Compliance Policy.
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