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Compliance Standards

Avoidance of Insider Trading

Verbatim’s complete policies are available upon request. Among the principles and procedures are the following:

  • We do not ask questions that we suspect or know to be in violation of SEC rules.
  • We do not pursue interviews with respondents that we suspect or know to be Insiders.
  • If we receive information that we suspect or know to be insider information, we do not pass this information on to our client.
  • Verbatim’s respondents are neither paid nor under any obligation to speak with us.
  • We continuously monitor our work to ensure the policies are followed.
  • No deliverable is sent to a client without a thorough compliance review by Verbatim Managers knowledgeable about insider trading rules.
  • We review current publications and legal changes to the application of SEC rules to ensure that our policies are up to date.

Contact us to request a complete Compliance Policy. Please note in the comments area ‘Compliance Policy.’




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