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Verbatim’s research teams conduct in-depth interviews that yield both the quantitative and qualitative data points essential to making informed investment decisions.

  • Reports contain front-line intelligence untainted by CEO comments, financial models, or macro-market analysis
  • The key to Verbatim’s interviewing methodology is that our researchers collect structured data for our models but also uncover the reasons why data points may have changed
  • Verbatim maintains a database of over ½ million contacts worldwide, who can reveal unique insights into our client’s investment questions
  • All interviewers are on-site at our offices, allowing for real-time communications among team members. Our teams will discuss findings and subsequently validate comments with a larger pool of respondents

Channel Investigations

  • Opportunity-Driven Channel Investigations
    • Event-Driven Investigations
  • Recurring Channel Investigations
    • Monthly/Quarterly Investigations

Our clients define an investment "question", whose answer is critical to influencing a major investment decision. Respondents are not on a Verbatim "panel", are not paid by Verbatim, and are only interviewed occasionally. There are no strings attached to the answers they provide. Verbatim Analysts conduct numerous interviews which, although generally open-ended, follow a survey instrument that is designed to comprehensively answer the investment "question". Verbatim will analyze the data, generate an Investigation Summary, and provide the interviews to the client.

Opportunity-Driven Channel Investigations typically turn into Recurring Channel Investigations as baseline data points have been established and value is derived by monitoring changes in key indicators over time.

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