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Frequently Asked Questions

Do other companies have access to Verbatim’s Research?

No, each investigation is proprietary to the client(s) that hire us. Only with a client’s written approval will others have access to a report after a specified embargo period has passed.

Why would I use Verbatim if I can conduct interviews on my own?

Most of our clients hold their own research interviews, and look to Verbatim to dramatically expand the number of interviews conducted. If a client conducts 20 interviews per week, then it stands to reason that if they use Verbatim for another 40 interviews the same week, then they will have substantially more information for making informed decisions. Additionally, we can get interviews with sources that may be unavailable to you or speak another language.

Regarding languages, which ones do you cover?

French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, and German are just a few of the 20 languages spoken fluently by Verbatim staff. We can deliver the interviews back to clients in English or in their native language.

If I hire you, what will you provide to me?

Verbatim provides reports, each with a summary of our findings as well as full interview responses to our survey questions. At any point in the investigation, you may make adjustments, or we may recommend changes. The idea is to deliver a report providing you with the concise and complete information needed to make an investment decision.

Do you pay your sources?

No, we do not pay our respondents, addressing one of our client’s primary compliance concerns.

What industries are covered?

Business Services, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrials & Energy, Restaurants, Retail, and Technology-Media-Telecommunications. Verbatim interviews key sources in these areas, rather than consumers.

Who are Verbatim’s clients?

Our clients are Money Managers and Analysts at hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity firms located in North America and Europe. From the perspective of investment style, the majority have a fundamental bottoms-up focus.

Who conducts the interviews?

Verbatim Researchers work on-site in one of Verbatim’s offices in Boston, London or Tokyo. They posses expert phone-based intelligence-gathering abilities and have a wide range of industry expertise. Researchers are talented at holding open-ended peer-to-peer discussions, and have been praised for their dedication to client goals.