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Verbatim Is Co-Presenter at 2012 Investorside Conference

NEW YORK, NY - April 3, 2012 - Verbatim Advisory Group and Gerson Lehrman Group are the presenters of case studies at the 11th Investorside Independents’ Day conference at the Bloomberg Building.  This is the largest known annual gathering of independent research providers (IRP).  In addition to IRP members, attendees include portfolio managers, directors of research, analysts, and members of the press. 

Verbatim's case study is entitled "Instant Gratification - The Race For Gamblers, Dealhunters, and Fanatics."  To satisfy consumers, companies are forced to change their technology and business models at ever-faster rates.  Buyers expect the best deals now, movie fans expect immediate delivery, and gamblers gravitate to the newest games.  Adapting to a market where patience is scarce and convenience prized, companies make almost-daily changes to their policies and products: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Groupon, Konami, and Netflix.  Keeping up with these companies' prospects is important for institutional investors, but becomes difficult when situation are so fluid. 

The case study looks at how Verbatim tracked the developments of each company, ahead of general market perceptions.

Further information on Investorside's event is available here:

About Investorside

The Investorside Research Association is a non-profit trade association of investment research providers that do not engage in investment banking, company consulting or research-for-hire. Its mission is to increase investor and pensioner trust in the U.S. capital markets system through the promotion and use of investment research that is financially aligned with investor interests.  Its members constitute the leading investment research firms in the world, providing research that works purely for investors.  The organization has approximately 90 members involved in the daily activities of analyzing and reporting on publicly held companies.
About Verbatim Advisory Group, LLC

Verbatim is an independent research provider (IRP) that conducts in-depth interviews and follow-on analysis that drive clients' investment decisions.  Striving to understand the relative strength of a company's or industry's business ahead of the market, Verbatim holds channel discussions worldwide.  This primary research spans business services, consumer products & services, retail & restaurants, healthcare, industrials & energy, and technology media & telecommunications. See for more information or call 978-897-4400 or (London) 20 8846 2240.